Bryan Gorsira

Album: So Far (2011)

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Song: Again

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What is a 50 year old Wildlife Biologist doing putting out on CD? That would probably be your first question, and you'd be right to ask it. Bryan Gorsira has been writing songs for over thirty years. By his own admission he is not the performer he might like to be, so he's enlisted the help of some very talented people to help make his musical vision shine (Tom Manche, Dana Cooper and Julie Forester, to name a few). The first thing you should know is that Bryan Gorsira is actually a talented songwriter, and with the musical guidance of Tom Manche, has created a surprisingly pleasing collection of tunes. His songs form an interesting collection, with flashes of brilliance, and with styles mostly centered in singer/songwriter, but also ranges to progressive rock, blues, country, and even a touch of boogie woogie and zydeco. There seems to be something for everyone. He portrays the feelings of life in a way that gives each of us a peek into who we are and into our own life and experiences.

Producer Tom Manche has expertly kept the rough edges where required but also added a few nice tricks of his own. All of this makes a pretty impressive collection of songs. Give it a listen.

Bryan's music has been accepted and is available at the following locations:

Most recently "another old day" was accepted for a movie,!

Cyrus Rhodes of Katavi Arts
Organic Music Library
Audio Fount Music Library
BluePie Productions
HumanFactor LLC
Louar Music
Music Dealers
Pond 5
Full Entertainment Music
WAP Publishing
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